Holistic Tails

Holistic Tails

Friday, June 10, 2016

What Is A Holistic Veterinarian?

Let's say your dog has a skin problem and you take him to the vet.  The protocol is pretty standard: steroids, antibiotics and possibly some "hypoallergenic" food (consisting mostly of corn meal, an allergen). Steroids are damaging to the body's organs, and antibiotic resistance is rampant. There might be some chemical laden shampoo.  This is not to strike out against allopathic veterinarians, but to let you know you have a choice.

A holistic vet will take a careful history of your dog.  How do you feed him?  Is he stressed?  When and where does he scratch the most?

You might be given a homeopathic remedy or two.  Homeopathics are remedies that are based on the principle that like cures like.  You are given an infinitesimal amount of a natural remedy that represents the symptom of the problem.  The amount is so minute that there are no drug interactions or side effects.  Homeopathics are highly effective; I've been using them for years.

For our dog with allergies above, rather than prescribing a corn based dry dog food, you might be advised to feed a grain free, alternative protein dog food.  A friend healed her dog's skin problem by actually cooking for the dog with real organic food and grass fed protein.  You might find there is a cleanse period after starting, so allow a few weeks to see improvement.

A holistic vet might offer, depending on the condition, acupuncture or chiropractic or even Reiki. These methods are extremely effective for many conditions.  Reiki is completely non-invasive.

Holistic medicine may take a little longer to be effective, but the results are long lasting and less burdensome on the dog or cat's organs, as heavy drugs can be.

So before you put your dog on the "big drugs" try a holistic vet!

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