Holistic Tails

Holistic Tails

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Reiki Stories

Throughout almost 20 years as a Reiki practitioner, I have had occasion to treat many animals.  Here are the stories that stand out in my mind....

Kitty was a Devon Rex cat and about 9 months old at the time of her illness.  She became unable to eat and vomited a lot.  I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with an obstruction in her intestine. The vet operated and removed it (it was some stuffing from my children's toy) but she developed peritonitis, which is usually fatal.  I received a call from the vet in the evening telling me Kitty was dying and getting cold. My sons were very upset, so I called all my friends and told them to send her Reiki.  I sat up all night sending Reiki to her.  In the morning, the vet called and said Kitty was up and growling at them (she hated the vet) and they had no explanation for her improved condition!  I didn't tell them about Reiki then because it was a "fluffy New Age" type of thing that no one took seriously then. Today is it very mainstream.  The PS to the story is that Kitty lived to be 21!

Mindy was a German Shepherd Dog who lived with a client of mine.  I used to go to her house to facilitate a monthly Reiki Circle and every time I was there, Mindy would sit in the middle of the circle.  My client asked me to give the dog a Reiki attunement, which I did.  A few months later, the owner called to tell me Mindy had passed.  What was really surprising was that Mindy had cancer all through her body, but until the last two days of her life she ran, played and ate like normal.  It seemed that Reiki gave her a quality of life she probably would not have had.

A new client called me a couple of years ago because she had experienced Reiki for the first time when she was in the hospital for surgery.  She wanted me to come to her house to give Reiki to her beloved cat, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The cat wasn't eating and was failing.  I gave the cat several treatments and also attuned the owner so that she could give the cat Reiki herself.  The cat rallied and lived two more happy and healthy years!

Animals love Reiki and it's quite effective for them.  Often, they will show you where their pain is by indicated it with their noses.  Many seek it out once they have experienced it.

If you would like to learn Reiki and Reiki for Animals, send me an email for information on courses I teach.  You can become a very effective Animal Healer pretty easily.  It's not hard!

My email is:  sacredim@hotmail.com.

Check out my website, www.loveandlightreikihealing.com

Love and Light, Georgia

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