Holistic Tails

Holistic Tails

Friday, April 29, 2016

Dog Hairs in the Butter


Any dog based household will battle the dog hair.  Who amongst us has not found dog hair in their butter? Here are some basic grooming tips for shedding breeds from a groomer to get your started.
It's pretty obvious that certain breeds such as Poodles, Terriers, Doodles, Maltese and such need professional grooming.  I will cover professional grooming in another blog. But here are some tips for short haired and medium haired dogs that don't require professional grooming.  Think about how much money you can save!
If you think short haired breeds such as Boxers, Labs, Chihuahuas (long and short haired), Goldens and Pit Bulls are pretty maintenance free think again.  They shed just as much as their longer haired brothers and sisters.  It's just that the hair is shorter, not less!  So here are some tips to keep them from clogging up your carpets and house.
First of all, bathe them regularly and use a good creme rinse.  Bathing not only keeps them clean, but helps to dislodge dead and loose hairs.  The creme rinse will help to remove the hair with not a lot of elbow grease.  Every other week to once a month is good to keep them in tip top shape.
After they are bathed and dried, use a tool such as the one that is shown.  It will remove all the dead hair, but here is a warning:  do not press down so hard that you scrape the skin and don't go over the same spot too much.  This will cause damage to the dog's skin.

These wonderful devices are available in other sizes too for smaller dogs.  Use it weekly and after every bath and you will see a huge difference in the amount of dog hair in your butter!
If you are looking for something a bit less expensive, try this deshedder.  It's what we used before the other type of tool was invented, but it is effective.  Here's one from Amazon.

I hope this helps a bit.  I like my buttered toast without the dog hairs, thank you!
Love, Georgia

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