Holistic Tails

Holistic Tails

Friday, April 8, 2016

Crystal Healing for Pets

Crystals are very beneficial to the holistic healer because they amplify and hold healing energy. There are several ways to use crystals with animals.  The biggest warning I can give is to be sure that THE ANIMAL CANNOT EAT THE CRYSTAL!  Dogs, cats, birds and horses tend to eat things that aren't good for them so the crystal must be big enough to not fit in the mouth.

One way to use crystals is to put one in or on the pet's cage.  I've done this often with birds.  In fact, my birds always had a crystal above or under their cages.  To make the crystal more effective, hold it in your hands and allow Reiki to flow into it.  When the Reiki energy stops flowing, you are done.  If you know the Reiki Symbols, you can say or draw them with your finger over the crystal. Crystals should be charged every other day.

For dogs and cats, put a crystal under their beds.  A good choice would be a Rose Quartz, which is calming. If you pet is ill, Citrine is a good choice to energize them. If you are crate training your dog, put the crystal on top of the crate.

If you are working on the pet with Reiki and it's laying down, you can put a crystal over the area that needs healing while you give the pet Reiki.

A very effective method of using crystals with animals is to make an elixir.  Take a glass (no plastic or metal) jar and fill with clean filtered or spring water.  Place the crystal inside the jar, give it Reiki with your hands as described above and put out in the light of the Sun (for strength and energy) or the Moon (for peace and calming) for a couple of hours.  Keep the jar in your fridge and take a dropperful of the crystalized water and add to your pet's water dish.  Stick to your basic Quartz crystals when making elixirs.  Make sure the crystals come from reliable sources and are not contaminated with other materials.  Cleanse all crystals before using them by soaking in sea salted water overnight.

For fish and reptiles that can't be handled, put Reiki in a smooth crystal and drop into their tank.  This will create a great healing environment. You can also put a few drops of your elixir into their bowls.

This is a very basic description of the use of crystal healing for animals.  There is a chapter in my book, Reiki, Crystals and Chakras that describes crystal healing in depth, with a special chapter for animal healing.  In there you will find a list of recommendations for crystals and stones to use to aid your pet's healing process.

I also offer classes on Reiki, crystals and Animal Healing.  Some are available online. You can find more information on my website, www.loveandlightreikihealing.com.

Love and Light, Georgia


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