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Holistic Tails

Monday, March 7, 2016

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Animal Healer?

Have you been called to become an animal healer? Make no mistake; it is a calling.  It requires dedication, compassion, an ability to work with animals and the skills of a healer.  Here's some information for getting started.

First, look deep inside to see if you have the dedication to work with animals.  A lot of people think working with animals is just a whole lot of fun. I heard that many times from clients over my dog grooming career.  Yes, it is, but there is much  more.  Sometimes it can be heartbreaking, because they suffer like we do.  And they don't live as long as we do.  So you might be called to work with animals who are dying, or who have been traumatized by their past life.  Some of my students work with animal rescue and believe me, some of those animals are suffering from PTSD.  Not every story has a happy ending, but so many of them do and that's what makes it all worth it.

Compassion is essential.  To be an effective animal healer, you must understand their pain. Compassion stems from empathy, the ability to feel what they are feeling.  One of the most difficult situations I faced when I was a groomer was experiencing their fears and pain, and there was an underlying reluctance to groom them. That's what made me a much more effective animal healer.  I have seen too many people involved in the pet industry, become hardened to the suffering they see. But I know it's the people with the deepest compassion that make the most difference.

You will also need an inherent ability to work with animals.  Are you comfortable around them? Do you have fears deep down inside?  Believe me, they can sense it.  Are you more comfortable with large animals such as horses and cattle, or with small animals such as dogs, cats, birds, fish and reptiles?  I would suggest that if you chose to work with large animals you have some experience, because working with a 2000 pound horse is different from working with a 10 pound dog. If animals have always felt drawn to you, that's a good start.  The little kid who brought home stray and injured animals is the grown up animal healer.

You will need specific skills to become an animal healer.  My skill of choice is Reiki.  I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and I've worked with many animals over the last 20 years as a healer. To become an animal healer, Reiki I and II is recommended.  Reiki I will teach you the history and basics of Reiki healing, while Reiki II will give you the ability to send distance healing.  Distance healing means you don't actually have to physically touch the animal you are working with.  This is essential if the animal runs from you, or you are working in a situation such as a rescue organization and can send healing as needed, even when your physical presence isn't possible.  I once sent Reiki energy to a stress out elephant in a zoo, and the animal calmed within minutes of my sending healing to him.

Another side benefit of Reiki is that it will open your psychic channels. As animals have no way to let you know how they are feeling, or where they are hurting, you're way ahead of the game if you have the ability to actually communicate with animals.

I have as specially tailored Reiki I and II class for animal healers.  The emphasis is on working with animals rather than humans, though you will be able to do that also.  If you would like more information, contact me via my Facebook page, Holistic Tails.

Happy Healing!

Love, Georgia

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